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I will help you use less energy ⚡, save money 💰 and environment 🌍

Find best time for everyday things with my help. Hit the button to start 👇

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🤚 Do something

Ask Enely and receive her recommendations based on electricity prices for your region.

Save ⚡ and 💰 on everyday things like taking a shower, cooking food, doing laundry, vacuum cleaning, charging a car, or warming up your place. 

Do things right away, or plan for the rest of the day today, or tomorrow.

Prices and hours

Enely helps you check electricity prices 💲 for the rest of the day today or tomorrow.

See the market prices for your area in the simplest, most practical format.

Ask Enely, and she will give you 6 cheapest or most expensive hours for the period, so that you could easily plan.

💰 See savings

Enely helps you save ⚡ and 💰 for FREE.

On the top of that, with a paid subscription, Enely will keep an eye on electricity prices for you, and will let you know every time it is worth planning a day with her help to save most.

It is super easy to keep track of your savings with Enely. 


A paid subscription will help you avoid stress from always keeping an eye on electricity prices. It is now Enely’s job to let you know when you should plan your activities with her help. In addition to that, it is easier to work with Enely’s recommendations for the subscribed users.


👉 You will get notified by SMS messages each time when there is a high chance of generating meaningful savings, if you plan your day with Enely 💰


👉 You will also be able to add time suggested by Enely for activities to your calendar 📅


The paid subscription costs as low as only 49.95 kr a month (when billed annually).

About the team behind Enely

A few words about the people behind Enely.


Enely is built by a team of engineers who have been working together on developing cutting-edge technology for energy optimization since 2017. During this time, the team filed for patents, had a collaboration with a top university in Finland, has been supported by a number of public research organizations (including Norway’s Research Council), and received internationally acknowledged awards, among which is the EU Commission’s Green Deal Seal of Excellency (2020), – all this for solutions that help to reduce energy consumption in buildings. 


The company is based in Oslo, Norway. You can read more here.


When electricity prices skyrocket, everyone is affected. Although, there is a paid subscription available for add-value services, anyone can benefit from Enely’s features without paying anything. 


This is because the team behind Enely strongly believes that technology should benefit the society, and that solutions that solve critical problems should be available to anyone, disregarding social and economic status. Enely is such a solution that is there to help you reduce energy consumption and save money with clever planning.


However, building something that has value costs money.


Support the team who helps you save ⚡ and 💰 for free with a donation. It’s like saying thank you with buying them a coffee.


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